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Android bricked logo on Samsung Galaxy S


Unbrick your expensive smartphone with our JTAG service. If you have attempted to flash your phone with wrong firmware you may have inadvertently “BRICKED” your phone. When this happens it destroys the bootloader which is imperative in the starting up sequence of your phone. When the boot is destroyed or corrupted in your phone there is likely little chance in software repair alone because it still needs the bootloader to flash, (flash or flashing is a term used to upload software to your phone). In order to repair the bootloader we need upload a new one to the phone. In order to do this we can no longer use the normal way to communicate with the phone by using the micro USB cable. We need access directly to the boot IC so in order to do this we need to use what is called JTAG pinouts on the motherboard.


Samsung Galaxy S i9000 JTAG pinouts

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 JTAG pinouts

jtag repair

JTAG Repair on a Samsung Galaxy S i9000M


Once it’s been determined that your phone is bricked it needs to be disassembled and the motherboard needs to be taken out of it’s housing. The JTAG pinouts need to be carefully scraped from it’s silicone coating right down to it’s bare copper contacts. Six wires need to be soldered onto the pinout pads in the correct sequence. Once this is done we can then connect power and a special box and run their proprietary repair software dedicated to this kind of boot repair. Once the boot has been written successfully it can now go into bootloader mode hence ready to accept new firmware to the phone. In some rare cases some boards are completely bricked meaning there is something more missing like damaged SBL or EPS. When this happens there is nothing that can repair the phone and the motherboard is completely BER, (beyond economical repair). In most cases this is affected by Samsung i9000M by Bell Mobility in which even after writing boot and flashing the phone with new firmware the internal SD is damaged and there is no repair at the moment for this. For this case we can replace the complete motherboard for a new one $220.00 and can take one to two weeks. Cost of JTAG service is $100.00 and can be done same day service. We accept walk in or mail in service. Contact us at info@bongowireless.com or go to our contact us page HERE.

  • John Q Public

    Considering the cost of the JTAG repair device you are using (pictured) is only $150, I think $100 for “recovery” service is excessive to say the least.

    • Anonymous

      When a phone is $500….a $100 it’s a bargin to repair it. Normally the
      average person will not buy the box for $150.00 and do all the soldering for
      one phone? It’s still cheaper to do it for $100.00. Not everyone has the
      skills to do this on their own. We offer this service and do many JTAG. Your
      entitled to your opinion. If you feel you have the skills to do it yourself
      then by all means do it, perhaps you may want to try and open a store like
      us and hire a technician and then after all your overhead and expenses email
      me back and tell me you’ll do the JTAG for $25 – $30, I think not.


      • Adam Carmichael

        Maybe not $25-$30, but I see people on eBay doing it for $40USD + freight.

        • Devles2000

          2 phones f+++ up by You

  • Samsung

    For France there is a service station over Paris that does JTAG boot repair check their web
    Réparations JTAG

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